About us

Welcome to the Navy Stokers.Currently we have 1752 Members as of July 2016. This site is to enable all serving & former Engineering Personnel of the Royal Australian Navy, to be able to see where our large community is now residing, or serving. How they can be contacted (if they want), and also, somewhere they can tell their old stepping oppo's what is going on in their life today. The website will be a place where reunions can be posted, & local area smokies can be arranged between smaller groups. In other words just a 'website' that people of some similar interests can communicate through. As we grow older we tend to look back on our youth & the mates we made, I know I do. I came to the conclusion that the mates I made from the day I joined Pussers have never left me, while some have passed away their memory will never die because people like you & I will ensure that when we are together at reunions or smokies their names will be spoken as if they were still here. Another problem that I have encountered is loosing contact with people, so I hope this site will help in 'lost oppos' making contact again. While the name of the site is Navy Stokers, all engineering personnel can join. Stokers (steam & diesel), Mechs, Tiffies, Chippies, & Engineering Officers. 

A few things I would like you to keep in mind if you become a member of this site; we don't 'slag' off at anybody, and we don't start flame wars; I am getting too old for 'agro', no porn photos to be posted to the site (except those of Stokers being Stokers,) & be patient with the moderators who have to sort out membership approvals. We all have lives to live away from our computers, so if your membership application takes a bit of time to come through don't despair, after all the blokes doing the job are 'Dusties' not bloody 'Scribes'. 

To join, click on Contact, top of the site, where you will be asked for your full name, your official number, & your rank. You will then be contacted to confirm your details. If you are already a member you have the ability to invite someone new. The crest that our site uses was put together by me to represent who we are, it has been modified a few times because the RAN thought it looked too close to their copyright, personally I think they didn't like the motto I used, but I thought it was irreverent enough to say something about who we are: 'The Custodian's of the Golden Rivet.'